Welcome to Modern Log Homes and Timberframe

The Midwest’s finest resource for the design, building and repair of log, timberframe and hybrid homes is based in a country cabin on a back road in the northern outskirts of Kansas City. From his handsome home office, Modern Log Homes & Timberframe is operated by qualified master builder Clarence Housh as the absolute best option log home owners have in the restoration of their property.

Proud to be a fourth generation builder and with a lifetime of experience in construction trades, including a quarter century focused on log, hybrid and timberframe homes, Clarence Housh truly merits the label “master builder.” Architect, engineer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, inspector and more, Housh brings a remarkable level of expertise to the creation and repair of log buildings. Clarence is very proud that the Housh fifth generation is currently working with him to build and remodel these quality homes with the sixth generation in school studying Architecture Design and Business.

New_Interior7_lgSought after as an expert witness and renowned in the industry nationwide, Mr. Housh has few peers with his capabilities and authority in the field. When a structural pitfall has assailed your existing log, timberframe, hybrid or post & beam home, or you need more from your prized investment, there may be no smarter place in the world to turn. Competence distinguishes Modern Log Homes & Timberframe at every level of their work.

Perhaps more important than offering technical know-how, the people at Modern Log Homes & Timberframe are just that-caring individuals not bound to a corporate outlook. Your dealings will be marked by frankness, courtesy, maybe a little humor and above all a genuine concern for your satisfaction and the integrity of your log timberframe, or hybrid home.

The fine people at Modern Log Homes & Timberframe take as their motto “Precision with Excellence.” Please explore the website to learn more about what that can mean for you and your log home experience.