From the Pen of Clarence Housh

On behalf of the Modern Log Homes And Timberframe I wish to extend a heartfelt “Thank You!” for considering us for your log industry needs and for visiting this website.

Modern Log Homes And Timberframe was conceptualized when I was a young man. As many Americans have, I came from a modest background, as I am a fourth generation homebuilder. As a young boy, I watched both my grandfather and my father build structures for others. It amazed me how these men could take individual parts and from them make artistically beautiful structures. I learned the building trades from each of these men that I held in such high esteem. Modern Log Homes And Timberframe is a synthesis of all the knowledge imparted to me from these men as well as other builders and log companies whom deeply influenced my life.

However, it not only incorporates the technical expertise passed down through the generations but also the virtues of honesty, integrity, gratitude, respect, perseverance, and caring, to name only a few. It seems that today in many business climates these virtues are lacking or devoid all together. These virtues combined with technical expertise has made it possible for Modern Log Homes And Timberframe to become a premier designer, builder and restorer of residential and commercial log structures in the United States.

With 35+ years of expertise in these fields it has positioned the company to offer a full range of products and services unique to the log building industry. Over the years, the philosophy of believing in clients as partners has helped maintain steady growth. The mission, at Modern Log Homes And Timberframe, is to be the best at providing high value products and services at reasonable prices and providing technical expertise that enhances clients/partners understanding of log structures within the framework of corporate virtues.

We can design and engineer your dream home. However, we don’t just build homes, we build relationships. We are also building the new “Hybrid” home that incorporates three to four mediums, usually a combination of timber framing and stick framing.

If Modern Log Homes And Timberframe can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, thank you for visiting and considering Modern Log Homes And Timberframe.


With warmest regards,

Clarence Housh

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