Log Home Contruction

Log Home & Log Cabin New Construction

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Log Homes And Timber Frame are increasingly popular. Appreciated for their warm styling, energy efficiency and nostalgic simplicity, we have taken it one step further, added stone and Timber Framing to our log construction creating the “Hybrid”. We have seen a significant growth with Hybrid’s amongst new homes in the last several years. Unfortunately, that growth as not been accompanied by proportionate gains in awareness or skill within the industry. Quantity has not been seen to equally quality.

Slover InteriorPossessed of a unique set of construction challenges, notably log shrinkage and proper chinking, log home building and timber framing is not for amateurs. Yet it is somehow perceived as primitive and simple, and the idealized image of a log home is often packaged and sold as a kit for homeowner completion. Or, it’s undertaken by builders with scant experience—and that in more conventional modern building. While log buildings have stood for centuries in Europe and elsewhere, and can endure many generations of residence, contemporary American log homes too often (and too early) suffer issues which can make them uncomfortable and even uninhabitable.


Resize5167-1New homes built by Modern Log Homes And Timber Frame have appreciated 13-18% in the last five years. And in over 33 years, building hundreds of homes and buildings, no structure they have undertaken has needed to be repaired due to improper engineering or craftsmanship.  Owners of a great many homes built by other outfits or by homeowners have not been so lucky.