new_outside3_lgDear Clarence,

We would like to send you a word of thanks for the outstanding service and craftsmanship we received from you and your crew during the construction of our dream home. We have heard about and witnessed the problems you can get into when building a log home and are thankful that we chose Modern Log Homes And Timberframe. The process went very smooth; I think in a large part because of your years of experience in the business. That experience helped us with some decisions during the design phase on details we had not thought bout and insured that the finished product was everything we had hoped for. Your enthusiasm for building log homes after 23 years in the business shows that you truly love what you do. In addition, what is typically a stressful ordeal actually was an experience that we enjoyed. I cannot imagine ever leaving this home and building again. However, if we do, Modern Log Homes & Timberframe will build it. Again, thank you for all you have done for us.

E & J S

new_outside5_lgHi, Clarence:

We just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with our new home you built for us. We’ve had time now to really settle in. The windows you suggested are great, and allow us to see all of the nature that surrounds us. It is truly amazing that all of this turned out exactly like we imagined.Also, amazing was the number of people who have come by to see our home. All have made very favorable comments! How very true are the words on your business card, “Excellence with a precision log.” For what it’s worth every new pizza delivery driver has stated, “WOW! Thi shouse is to die for”. We know you are proud of all your accomplishments, and so are we! Please feel welcome to visit anytime.
N & F, M & E

new_outside1_lgTo Modern Log Homes & Timberframe: 

This letter is in appreciation for your restoration work on my log home. When other contractors shuddered at the thought of rebuilding my home you all accepted the challenge readily and in the opinion of my family we have a well-built eye catching home.